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Our Difference - 

Excess Comfort® bedding is revolutionary new sheet sets and blankets wider on the head end to keep you both covered. We offer a better bundling experience for both of you. Our unique oversized bedding provides the extra material you have been dreaming of. 

Have you ever wished you had more covers for bundling, tucking or rolling? Have you and your partner ever fought over the covers? Do you sleep with a blanket hog? 

These products will improve your sleeping experience, improve your relationship or even save your marriage (ok, this may be stretching it a bit).

Excess Comfort bedding is made 36" wider on the head end than traditional bedding. Traditional Queen 90", our Queen 126". Traditional King 108", our King 144".

While Excess Comfort bedding is intended to help keep you both covered they will not prevent a skilled blanket hog (one skilled in the art of blanket hogging) or a person from pulling them off another person.

We dared to change the shape of sheets and blankets and brought our unique blanket hog solution to you. We are "The next generation of bedding". 

Our Products - 

Blankets - 

Shop Blankets - Excess Comfort bedding Premium Quality 100% Cotton Blankets. Made in Portugal.

What our customers are saying -

"This blanket is soft, cozy and comfortable! I love everything about it, the color, material and most of all the coverage. I look forward to bed time and dosing off knowing my Excess Comfort blanket is making for pleasant dreams and a well rested night sleep! Thanks for a great product."


Our Premium Quality cotton blankets, thick, warm and weighty, provide you a better night's sleep in both natural fabric and our unique size. All our blankets feature unique reversible weave patterns.

Reversibility Netting Grey Ecru Cotton Blanket Excess Comfort  Reversibility Netting Linen Ecru Cotton Blanket Excess Comfort Reversibility Abside Green White Cotton Blanket Excess Comfort Reversibility Abside Linen White Cotton Blanket Excess Comfort    

Sateen Sheets - 

Shop Sateen Sheets - Excess Comfort bedding - Oversized BeddingSupreme Sateen Sheets - 100% Egyptian cotton. Made in the USA of fabric made in Israel. 

What our customers are saying - 

"These sheets are so incredibly soft and comfortable! No more tug- a- war at night with hubby over the sheets and now we are both getting a restful night sleep thanks to EXCESS COMFORT. These sheets are so comfortable that I can't wait to purchase another set next month because I can't go back to my old sheets and they are 500 thread count and I thought they were comfortable but there is NO comparison!"

Our Supreme Sateen sheets are buttery smooth and super soft to bring you a comforting night's sleep.

Sage Supreme Sateen Sheets Excess Comfort Ivory Supreme Sateen Sheets Excess ComfortStone Supreme Sateen Sheets Excess ComfortWhite Supreme Sateen Sheets Excess Comfort

Percale Sheets - 

Shop Percale Sheets - Excess Comfort Bedding - Oversized Bedding

Classic Percale Sheets - 100% Cotton. Made in Portugal. 

What our customers are saying - 

"These are the best sheets I've ever used. Not only do you have the luxury of the extra width at the top, but the quality is unmatched. I especially like the fact that the sheets don't stretch out between washings. One of my pet peeves is when the bottom sheet doesn't stay taut, but these do."


 Our Classic Percale Sheets are super cool, crunchy crisp and will soften wonderfully over time. These sheets are truly exceptional, bringing back the hard to find percale of times gone by. And with no added resins. 

Classic Percale Sheet Set Excess Comfort


Simply a better sleeping experience.

We're excited to bring our unique products to you. If you and your partner find yourselves short on covers, we have your solution. These unique premium quality products are exclusively ours and were custom made just for you. We encourage you to be different, embrace your lifestyle and join the Excess Comfort bedding movement. 

Get a set for yourself and surprise your loved one or give as gifts, for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, any other occasion or just because. Maybe even consider getting a set for your mother in law, could be interesting.

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We appreciate your helping get the word out. Forget about thinking out of the box, start sleeping out of the box.

Place your order today and experience the difference. You'll be glad you did. 
We hope you enjoy your new Excess Comfort bedding as much as we do. 

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