Abside Cotton Blanket - Green/White

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Is your partner all bundled up while you are hanging on by a thread? These oversized blankets are 36" wider on the head end to keep you both covered. Get an exceptional bundling experience for both of you with these substantial, soft and weighty cotton blankets. That's right, no for fighting over the covers!

These unique cotton blankets are specially woven to create a thick, quilt-like blanket. The comfort of this unique fabric and our unique size give you both a better night's sleep.

These wonderful blankets are made of 100% cotton and are woven by our master weavers in Portugal, providing you the premium quality you deserve. These are woven in alternating green and white weave patterns. 

These unique weave patterns are also reversible. They feature a green or white weave pattern separation. This provides you with decorative options when using as a top cover or bedspread during the warmer months or year round. Made in Portugal.

Photos are of bed with 14" deep mattress.

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  • 100% Cotton.
  • Stitched mattress edge alignment marks on head edge for quick centering.
  • 2" head edge hem and a 1" hem along the side and foot edges.
  • Unique alternating weave pattern design.
  • Reversible weave pattern separation color.
  • Custom made in our unique patented shape.
  • Made in Portugal.

Queen - 126in x 90in x 100in / (320cm x 229cm x 254cm)
King - 144in x 108in x 100in / (366cm x 273cm x 254cm)
(Head x Foot x Length)

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