About Us

Our Story - 

Hello, all you interested people,

I am Richard Breneman, living in San Bruno, CA. and am excited to tell you the story of how Excess Comfort® bedding came to be.

Richard and Susana Breneman Excess Comfort FoundersIt all started about 10 years ago when my wife, Susana and I found ourselves struggling over the covers. One of us would pull the covers to completely wrap themselves leaving the other, well, let’s just say not happy.

After experiencing this for some time I decided to mix up the bed. I bought new sheets, blanket, and comforter. This time, it was sheet separates with a queen fitted, a king flat, and a king blanket and comforter.

This was better but we still wanted more. I kept thinking this is it; this is as far as we can go. 

Product Concept - 

One night it hit me; make the flat sheet and blanket wider on the head end. Yes, this is it! I then began making prototypes and man did they work great.

After a while, I started thinking about how other people must have this same problem. It would be great to bring this product to market so others can also have a solution to this problem.

We got some prototypes and quotes from China. The minimum quantities were high and we just could not afford the cost at the time. 

We kept using the prototypes and after a while, we finally made the decision to go for it. We made more prototypes, trying different materials and played around with different sizes. Needless to say, we now have quite a stockpile.

We decided on 100% cotton and 36" and began researching manufacturers. 

Product Sourcing - 

Initially, we set out to do all manufacturing in the USA. We worked with some great companies with excellent products and met some wonderful people along the way. 

During this time we experienced premium quality 100% cotton sheets and blankets. Before this, we always bought cheap sheets and blankets, wow, what a difference. 

After about 18 months we finally partnered with industry leading manufacturers in Portugal and the USA who would make our unique products and offer high-quality fabric options. 

We came up with our name from the excess material incorporated in our products and the comfort from premium quality 100% cotton fabrics. 

Our blankets and Classic Percale sheet sets are sourced in Portugal with highly reputable textile companies. Our Supreme Sateen sheet sets are sourced in the USA, also with a highly reputable textile company. 

With our manufacturers in place, we were able to move forward and assemble our current product offerings. We are confident our unique, custom-made, premium quality products will exceed your expectations.

Our blankets and flat sheets have an average of 32% more material than traditional size bedding. Considering the high quality, additional material, and custom cutting and sewing, our pricing is very reasonable. 

It has taken years and a lot of hard work to bring these products to market. This solution and our unique products are finally available to you.

Our Mission - 

These products have given us a better sleeping experience and have made a difference in our lives. We want others to enjoy the better sleeping experience these products have to offer as well.

One last thing I want to say before ending this writing. This whole journey has been about making these products available for others to enjoy as we have.

If we can make a difference in people's lives with a better sleeping experience we have done our part. Think about that for a minute, making a difference in people's lives.

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