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Excess Comfort® bedding is revolutionary new sheet sets and blankets that are wider on the head end to help keep you both covered. Excess Comfort bedding provides the extra material you have been dreaming of. 

Have you ever wished you had more covers for bundling, tucking or rolling? Have you and your partner ever fought over the covers? Do you sleep with a blanket hog? 

Perhaps these products can be useful in improving your sleeping experience, improving your relationship or even saving your marriage (ok, this may be stretching it a bit).

Excess Comfort bedding is made 36" wider on the head end than traditional bedding. Traditional queen 90", our queen 126". Traditional king 108", our king 144".

While Excess Comfort bedding is intended to help keep you both covered they will not prevent a skilled blanket hog (one skilled in the art of blanket hogging) or a person from pulling them off another person.

We dared to change the shape of sheets and blankets and brought this unique solution to you. Place your order today and experience the difference. You'll be glad you did.