Making a bed with our Products

We have two suggested methods for making the bed, the "fuss free" method (excess material on top) and the "folded tuck" method (tucking excess material for a flat top surface).

We encourage you to experiment to find what works best for you. Check out these photos with illustrations and descriptions followed by some additional descriptive text on these two methods. 

Illustration 1

Illustration 2

Illustration 3

Illustration 4

Fuss free method of making bed - side tucked

Fuss Free Method - 

This is the quickest, easiest and the one we like best. This is shown completed in illustration 3.

Align stitched alignment marks on flat sheet and blanket to mattress edge. 

Grab the head edge of covers about 12 inches from mattress edge and fold over the top of bed. Pull firmly towards mattress head edge when making the fold.

Giving a good tug once folded helps set the foot end of the fold. Tuck foot end and make corner folds. The side edges not being tucked allows for easy access to the excess material.

The amount of side hang is easily adjusted by changing the amount of material folded over on top of the bed. We like to use a larger fold which eliminates the side hang.

You may choose to tuck all or part of the side hang, leave as much or as little as you prefer (illustration 4 shows all tucked).

Do not be shy with the fold, try different sizes, learn what works best for you. It will seem a bit awkward at first but you will quickly get used to it. 

A large fold eliminates any side hang. This is how we make our bed and is what makes it fuss-free. 

Any side hang is easily concealed with a top cover (duvet, comforter, quilt or bedspread). We like to use cotton bedspreads during warmer months and quilted bedspreads during the cooler months.

Making the bed in the morning is as simple as it gets. Fold the top cover up onto the center of bed clearing way to make the fold.

Straighten the sheet and blanket, make the fold, pull the top cover out and straighten. DONE!

Folded Tuck Method -

If you prefer a flat top surface on your bed, use this folded tuck method. 

Align stitched alignment marks on flat sheet and blanket to mattress edge. Tuck foot end and make corner folds. 

Begin tucking at the foot end just enough so the edge of the covers is just out of sight under the mattress. This creates the "folded tuck". 

The depth of the tuck will get longer as you work towards the head end. 

This allows the excess material to be neatly tucked away and easily pulled out. The point is not to make a deep, single layer tuck. 

Play around with it, have fun with it. Find what works best for you. After all, these were made for you!

Whichever method or variation you choose we hope you enjoy your new Excess Comfort® bedding as much as we do. Happy sleeping!

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