Our Classic Percale

Our Classic Percale - 

Our Classic Percale is made of 100% cotton single ply yarns and woven to 200 threads per inch which we feel is the ideal thread count for breathability and comfort.

Being made by our expert weavers in Portugal, our Classic Percale fabric is cool, crunchy crisp, and brings you that old-fashioned comfort that is rare to find in today's market. 

Our Classic Percale is not treated with resins or synthetic softening agents, a common practice with most manufacturers.

They do this to create an artificial, out of package soft feel and create wrinkle resistance. Resins and synthetic softening agents can also irritate sensitive skin.

In our view, these treatments affect the comfort level a well made 100% Cotton Percale can achieve.

Our Classic Percale is very crisp and will soften naturally, over time, getting softer wash after wash and use after use to bring you increasingly sensational comfort. It is amazing to experience this process. 

In our fast paced lives some of us have become accustomed to immediate gratification. Your patience is well rewarded when it comes to our 100% Cotton Classic Percale Sheets.

Made in Portugal. A country with a long history producing premium textiles.