Use of Our Products

Suggested Use - 

Excess Comfort® bedding is very different from standard rectangular bedding and requires different methods of making your bed. Our suggested methods are illustrated in our "Making Bed" link. We suggest you experiment a little and use whatever method suits you best.

You may choose to keep the excess material on top, this is the easiest "fuss free" method or tucked under the mattress using the "folded tuck" method.

Excess Comfort bedding is designed for 2 persons sharing a bed. However, if sleeping alone you have all this wonderful, comforting, snuggly, bundling bedding all to yourself. Super burrito anyone? 

Through our own experience, we find the best results by pulling the excess material towards the center of the bed and begin bundling yourself with the edge of the material.

By beginning with the edge and using the amount of material needed you are hopefully and respectively leaving plenty of material for the other person.

While Excess Comfort bedding is intended to help keep you both covered they will not prevent a skilled blanket hog (one skilled in the art of blanket hogging) or a person from pulling them off another person.

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