Why cotton blankets?

Why we chose cotton for our blankets -

Once the decision was made to bring our concept to market many more decisions had to be made. Material for our blankets was a huge decision. We made prototypes of different materials considering all the qualities of each. 

We did nylon flocking, polyester, polyester quilting, cotton quilting, and cotton. We used each of these and found cotton to be the most versatile and comfortable.

Cotton is a natural fiber, has moisture wicking properties, is warm, soft, and provides excellent comfort. Cotton can be made in many different weaves from lightweight to medium weight to heavyweight to provide all season comfort. 

Cotton blankets can be woven in pretty much any pattern you can imagine and in any colors providing limitless options. Woven cotton blankets also produce a natural reverse pattern and color options.

This reversibility provides decorative options as the blankets can be used as a top cover during the warmer months. 

Cotton blankets are a perfect fit with cotton sheets for our product offerings. 

We may consider adding other materials at a later time. As of now, it is 100% cotton all the way.

Made in Portugal, a country with a long history producing premium textiles.